Executive Coaching


Executive coaching is a dynamic and powerful professional development tool. It is widely accepted as one of the most effective, impactful ways for organisations to develop their most promising people and to improve overall corporate performance.

At Verosa we offer professional and tailored one to one executive and leadership coaching. Your coaching partnership will be designed to:

  • Identify and clarify your goals and desired outcomes
  • Remove the blockers to your achievement
  • Enhance your resources and skills
  • Facilitate your learning and development
  • Help you lead yourself to excellence!

Coaching is not a panacea to all professional challenges. It requires considerable commitment and takes time. For the right people in the right places, it is an extremely effective and valuable investment. It is used across the world by the highest performing organisations to develop talent, support strategic decision making, increase organisational value and improve individual capability.

To establish whether coaching is right for you, your staff and your company, click here to explore further.

Our specialisms include:

  • Personal progression
  • Work place presence and confidence
  • Strategic change
  • Organisational transformation
  • Presentation skills
  • Persuasion and influence
  • Conflict resolution
  • Conveying difficult messages
  • Team Development

How it works:

  • To our Larger Corporate Clients we offer:
    • 1:1 executive coaching packages (typically between six and ten sessions) aimed at: emerging and fast tracked talent, middle and team leaders looking to take on strategic responsibilities; senior executives and C-suite executives. If you have a PREFERRED SUPPLIERS LIST, we would love the opportunity to discuss our services with you.  Please click here for further information.
  • To our SME partners we offer:
    • 1:1 coaching as standard to all delegates who take part in our bespoke leadership development campaigns.
  • To Private Clients we offer:
    • Coaching and Coachsultancy packages for individuals looking for support in the following areas: career development; personal impact; leadership styles; persuasion and influence; conflict resolution; time management; confidence.