Investing time and energy in articulating the purpose, core values and direction of your business is never a wasted exercise.

It’s not uncommon for companies which are very clear on the WHAT (products and services, financial strategy, supply chains), the WHERE (market place, logistics) and the WHO (client base, suppliers, leadership and workforce) of their business to almost completely overlook the HOW.

Research indicates that organisations that actively set the strategy for corporate culture (the HOW) are much more successful in creating the climate and environment to impact positively all the WHATs, WHEREs and WHOs of the overall business vision.

At VEROSA, we will work with your leaders to help you design a corporate culture that embodies your key values, your business vision and your overall mission.  We will then support you in successfully developing and embedding that strategy across the organisation.

Designing Culture Workshops

At the outset, Beth and her team will work with you to establish your key requirements.  Are you a new business looking to establish your business model, building in a defined cultural ideal from the get go?  Are you merging with another organisation and having to manage the coming together of two disparate cultural systems?  Are you upgrading, down-sizing, restructuring?

Once we have established the context and parameters of your requirements we will work to enable you to shape your cultural goals.  Using a series of group, and individual exercises, and conducting research and analysis over the course of a structured workshop, the Verosa team will help you articulate clearly the core values, vision and mission you and the leadership team want to use as the basis of your corporate culture.

Setting the Cultural Strategy

Setting the vision is only one part of the puzzle for developing a positive corporate culture.  Once this has been defined, the next step is making it happen at all levels across the business.  Many organisations have a beautifully and carefully defined cultural mission but fail to gain buy-in for the vision.  Our experience shows that there are two elements to getting this part of the story right.

Firstly, leaders who walk the walk and ‘model’ the values are key to getting buy-in.  VEROSA will coach your leaders working with them to set the bar high and embody the organisation’s cultural values in a way that is authentic, visible and inspirational to staff and clients alike.

We will also support your communications strategy, providing consultation, advice and input on ways to publicise and raise awareness around the vision, mission and key values.  A cultural strategy is easily undermined.  As an example, a business which has creativity, energy and fresh thinking at the heart of its cultural vision, but fails to invite its newest recruits to offer up ideas and new ways of working shoot itself in the foot at the first hurdle.

We will help you avoid these common pitfalls and to put things back on track when they have gone wrong.

If you would like to talk to Beth about your business culture, please contact her today for a free consultation.