Organisational Culture

At Verosa, we believe firmly that an organisation that fosters a culture of engagement and reciprocity, where organisational values are understood and – crucially – are supported at all levels, can and will achieve outstanding results.

  • It is well documented that 70% of the work environment is created by your leadership behaviour
  • It is also a fact that 30% of performance difference in organisations is down the effectiveness of that organisational environment

Overall business performance is directly linked to and can be enhanced or hindered by corporate environment, climate and culture.  For organisations wanting to affect macro changes at a deep, impactful, cultural level we offer an organisational coachsultancy service.

We have three offers in this area:

  1. Facilitation of the creation of your considered vision, values and culture
  2. With our partners RENCAI Group, assessing and embedding a successful Employee Engagement Strategy
  3. For very small and start up businesses, a 1:1 mentoring package