Navigating the Storms – Wellbeing and Resilience through COVID19

As we move tentatively towards the next phase of the COVID19 response, I think many of us are beginning to see two themes emerging.  One is the acceptance – however unsettling that may be – that we will never return to a pre-COVID-19 world.  The other, which is related, is the realisation that life – and business – is not on hold, but rather continues to move on.  At all times we have choices, but it is never so apparent as it is in times of crisis, just how important some of those choices are.

Over the past two months, in return for a small donation to the NHS, we have been offering a free one to one coaching session to anyone who has been impacted by the virus, no matter what the impact is.  I feel humbled by the response we have had – we have now raised over £500 for the NHS Charities Together Appeal! 

It’s a privilege to bear witness to some of the journeys people are on.  It is also humbling to see the courage and grace with which so many are facing such uncertainty.  If you or anyone within your network would value a 60 minute one to one coaching session with one of our professional coaches, please do encourage them to use our booking page here.

My overwhelming take-away has been this:

We are all facing the same storm, but we are not all necessarily in the same boat.

Given this, some questions you may want to consider are these:  What shape is your boat in?  Do you have a sail?  An engine? Fuel?  Do you have life jackets on board?  Are you sailing alone or in company?  Do you have a map to where you are headed?  Do you have food on board? Are there other boats in your fleet?

As Ian Parker of Henchards business coaching and advisory services comments, many of us have had little chance yet to consider our end destination.  Maybe you are looking for a safe port to try and get through the storm?  Some of us (unfortunately) are going to have to find somewhere to beach our boats and look for a new way to travel entirely.  Others will aspire to use the storm to reach a new, distant destination, and some again are having a huge upswell in business. So yes, we are all in different (business) boats!

This exercise forms part of our online resilience and wellbeing workshop – Bounce – which we are running throughout May and June.  In these half day workshop we explore strategies, tools and techniques that participants can implement into their own daily habits. (If you are managing a team remotely you can also take these approaches into your team).  The workshop is a mix of interactive, practical and reflective activity, based around series of exercises to apply to your own context.  

If you or anyone you know would be interested in joining one of the workshops, they can be booked here.