Beth Hood.

The founder of Verosa, Beth spent over 16 years working at highest levels of UK Central Government. Over the course of an exciting and unique career she developed the specialist leadership, communication, influence, negotiation and facilitation skills needed to run projects across the UK and overseas and to lead teams in high-profile cases of national importance. More recently she has used those skills in leadership development, supporting decision makers and policy makers at the highest levels, including government ministers and department chiefs. Beth has always had a keen interest in developing people and in realising human potential. She recognised at an early stage that strong communication skills, building effective networks and teams and becoming an effective leader was crucial to the often life changing work in which she was involved.

After training with the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, Beth moved into management and leadership development, delivering bespoke consultancy and training for senior UK government teams across the globe.  Beth began Verosa Ltd in order to take her passion for helping others develop even further. She now works with senior executives at the top of public and private sector organisations across a range of industries.Beth offers one to one executive coaching to individuals who want to meet their development needs head on. Her style is dynamic and challenging as well as nurturing and pragmatic. She is a firm proponent of coaching the person not the problem and believes passionately in the power of the individual to self-actualise and overcome the obstacles that prevent us from becoming who we want to be.  In addition to coaching, Beth also offers bespoke leadership develop consultancy for companies looking to take a strategic approach to management development. Beth has a particular interest in women leaders and in the development of high potential recruits and emergent leaders.  She has also conducted research on fixing dysfunctional teams and on creating a value based culture.

Beth is a qualified Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) trainer and coach and holds the highly regarded ILM7 Certificate in Advanced Coaching and Mentoring. She is accredited with the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) and the International Coach Federation (ICF). Beth is trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and in a range of psychometric development tools.   In addition, Beth is classical singer and is trained in regulated diaphragmatic breathing techniques which she uses regularly with clients who are looking to improve confidence.

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Angela Weller.

Angela Weller

With more than 25 years’ experience, Angela has worked with leaders at all levels in a variety of high performing businesses in challenging and changing environments. Previously operating a variety of senior HR corporate roles, her accountabilities included global leadership development, succession planning and high potential talent development.  Her understanding of the pressures and strategic expectations of senior positions mean she offers a thoughtful and empathetic and knowledgeable approach to the needs of her clients.

Angela has a first class understanding of emotional intelligence and the impact of workplace behaviours.  She uses this expertise and knowledge to design and deliver dynamic, experiential training workshops and programmes for our clients on a range of subjects, from standalone developmental interventions, through to complete leadership partnership programmes in which she offers both facilitation and one to one coaching.

Angela is an ICF Associate Certified Coach and learning and development specialist. She is trained in the use of mindfulness, Neuro Linguistic Programming and is an accredited Myers-Briggs Type Indicator practitioner.

Getting results however they are defined is always the focus of Angela’s coaching. Her approach is to work with the client as a whole person to help them get to know themselves better and decide what to work on to make the changes needed to achieve their desired results. Angela works from the position that we all have resources within us to achieve our version of success – whatever that may be.

Examples of Angela’s coaching work include:

  • Adapting to strategic leadership roles
  • Implementing change across multiple teams
  • Improving organisational climate to improve levels of engagement and motivation
  • Developing confidence to present in high stakes scenarios

Whilst she works with leaders across levels in organisations, Angela has a particular interest in supporting emerging talent across the business. She has a deep understanding of the psychology of change and its impact on us as individuals, team members and leaders.   Angela also enjoys the challenge of working with leaders who have blind spots when it comes to understanding the impact their behaviour has on their team members’ engagement and motivation.  Angela’s proudest moments are when leaders make a breakthrough in recognising just how much their behaviour influences the team and their performance.

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