‘The Bounce Workshop was very helpful and constructive. Beth was a great moderator and guided us through everything at a good pace, providing timely, pertinent and gentle feedback to re-enforce the learning points. Huge thanks!’ Sara, Director

Beth is a senior and experienced coach.  She is an excellent listener with a methodical and professional approach.  I found Beth’s coaching sessions very useful and insightful.  Really very enlightening’.  Graham, Asset Manager

‘Best 3 hours of my time since lockdown. With effective, practical, tips to use immediately. A must for those feeling challenged or unsupported in these extraordinary times.’ Neil, Senior Civil Servant

‘I really value my coaching sessions with Angela. It helps to have someone to talk things through with and reframe my thoughts.  I think sometimes I know the answer but the coaching helps me to get there in a way that enables other factors I had not considered to be drawn out so the outcome is more solidified.  Without the sessions I have with Angela, I would not have developed as much as I have so would like to thank her very much!’ . C.C. Head of Client Service, Information Services Business

Beth’s coaching is of the highest standard in terms of coaching skill, emotional intelligence, intuition and professionalism.  Beth has previously worked in UK Government and is highly skilled in a number of areas.  To be honest there aren’t very many coaches I would recommend; Beth is one.  She is a superb coach’.  Robert, Global Head of Learning and Talent

‘The coaching conversations with Angela helped me work through specific situations and challenges I was experiencing in my new role and find new insights about myself. This helped me to discover possible solutions/approaches to make significant impact in my interaction with project teams, as well as prepare for senior management meetings and presentations’. J.S. Director, Offering Development, Consumer Business

‘As a coach, Beth is courageous.  She is not afraid of seniority and is prepared to ask challenging questions of her coachee.  She is also sensitive to the needs of her client and deeply committed to her profession.’  Charlie, ICF PCC

‘Being promoted from manager to director was a big leap and step change for me. I was lacking confidence in myself and had a lot of self-doubt about my ability to fulfil a leadership role and meet expectations. Being coached by Angela has significantly helped with improving my self-confidence and feeling I can achieve whatever I set my mind to‘. J.O. Finance Director, Software Company

Beth has a wealth of business experience to draw on during her coaching sessions, she is able to crystallise the “question” and ensure you are absolutely clear of the objective you want to achieve. Her feedback and insight along with useful exercises ensures your developmental journey is engaging and productive. Following my coaching sessions I am now more self aware and sure of my capabilities and am actively using techniques discussed on a daily basis‘. Robin, IT Operations Manager

‘Since started the coaching sessions with Angela my whole mindset has changed in various ways. I now think more clearly because I have a set of questions I can ask myself and I answer them honestly; this helps with planning, prioritising, decision-making and evaluating’. H.M. Director, Communications Company